If you’re moving to the UK for language courses, college, university or internship, packing can be a stressful process. You’ve got the basics (passport, ticket, winter clothes) and your documents (acceptance letter, insurance) – but you still can’t shake that feeling that you’re forgetting something…

Well, worry no more! Here are few tips for you!

Prescription Medicine and Medical records. When you arrive in the UK, it will take some days before you finally get registered with a doctor. If you are on special medication, bring your prescription medication with you. Ensure it is licensed for use in the UK and bring it in a well-labelled container or packet. You can bring your medical records too.
Some Decent Clothes. The good thing about the UK is that you can actually wear whatever you like! People don’t really care about what you wear.  Nobody is going to judge you as a student on your outfit.
However, different clothes are required for the different times of the year in the UK.  In winter (October to March), you will need a decent winter coat to keep you warm. For ladies – a pair of decent boots with good soles and grip will come in handy. Bring water proof shoes.
Laptop, mobile phones and travelling bag. Ensure you travel with bags that has rollers. This is especially useful if you will need to use public transport to get to your accommodation or hall of residence.
If you have a good laptop and mobile phone, please bring them with you. You can pick up a UK SIM card at the airport when you arrive.
Bring some Cash –  (Not too much!). It is prudent to bring some pounds sterling in cash when coming. But don’t bring large amounts as it could get lost or stolen. It is advisable to take money in the form of Sterling bank drafts, sterling travelers cheque, or you could transfer your money to an account opened here in the UK.
Important documents. Your institution will ask you to bring various documents and forms of ID – make sure to double-check if you’re not sure. This includes things like your letter from UCAS, your past exam results and details of your visa (if you need one), which ensure you can quickly enrol and get settled in.
Extension leads. An extension lead with multiple plug sockets will help you to organise your student room – where it seems wall sockets are always in awkward locations! Bring several plug adaptors too, if you need them (UK plugs have three rectangular pins).
Food or drink to share with your new housemates. Buying chocolates, sweets or drinks to share with the other students in your hall is a great ice-breaker when you’re moving in. This will get you talking and make a positive first impression. And don’t forget the souvenirs for your future friends from your homeland!

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