Do you know how much money to take with you? Please find prices for food in the UK

The cost of food in the UK varies depending on where you buy it, but international students should find they can buy food to suit their budget.

British shops and supermarkets stock a very wide range of products including, in some larger stores, food imported from other countries and food meeting religious requirements such as halal and kosher.

Supermarkets often have ‘own-label brands’ which are cheaper than the more recognised brands. You should also explore local markets where food costs, especially for fresh food and dairy, can be much cheaper.

How much does it cost to live and study as a student?

Here are some average costs for a student in higher education to give you an idea and help you plan your budget.

Basic goods and approximate cost

Loaf of white bread – 0.75£

Pint (568ml) of semi-skimmed milk – 0.40£

Six medium eggs – 1.28£

Butter (250g) – 0.85£

Cheese (250g) – 1.27£

Cooking oil (1 litre) – 0.88£

Pasta – uncooked spaghetti (500g) – 0.55£

Rice (1kg) – 0.74£

Noodles (500g) – 1.19 £

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