secondary_education_bigToday it is no secret that an education from the UK is one of the most prestigious you can receive. An education in boarding schools in the UK is the key to a successful career, because the British education system is considered to be the best in the World.

Education in the UK is based on ancient traditions. One is the admission of students from around the world. Education in England means a large selection of educational programmes and training options. Here students are encouraged in self-reliance, self-discipline and the achievement of goals using their own efforts.

The choice of an educational institution in the UK for your child is not an easy task, so it is important to seek help from professionals who have years of experience in this field, know the specifics of the British education system, regularly visit schools and exhibitions. Every child is unique and has its own characteristics, inclinations and passions. Our main task is the selection of the institution, which will help develop your child’s ability and gain the necessary knowledge and skills that can be a good start for the implementation of career prospects.

The main stages of work with our experts

1. Preparatory stage

  • Conduct a preliminary consultation with the student and parents to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the student, their career prospects, as well as special needs and requirements from the potential educational institution in the UK.
  • Study the educational market and select the institution in accordance with the wishes of the student and their parents.
  • Conduct negotiations and correspondence with educational institutions about the possibility of student admission on the basis of the requirements of the student and their qualifications (educational diplomas from their home country and language exam results).
  • Prepare proposals for admission to educational institutions (at least 3).
  • Organise visits to the selected schools.


2. The main stage

  • Completed application forms for admission submitted to the selected schools.
  • Preparation and verification of the supporting documents (we talk about the basic requirements for writing essays for schools, preparing for an interview, if necessary) carrying out entry examinations for admission to the school on A-Level, IB courses. Accompanying the students to the school for an interview (if necessary).
  • Submission of documents to educational institutions for the evaluation of potential future students.


3. The final step

  • Getting decisions from the schools regarding the student’s enrolment on the course.
  • Organising re-enrolment (if necessary).
  • Accepting the institution’s proposal and receiving enrolment documents.

4. Immigration stage

Assistance in applying for a student visa for the study period at an educational institution:

  • Consultation on completing the questionnaire,
  • Preparing the necessary documents,
  • Training the student for a possible interview at the embassy.


5. Support the student while studying during the year

Guardianship services for students up to 18 years
In England, there are rules where students under 18 who come to study for more than 12 weeks, must have a legal guardian during their stay in the UK. All decisions regarding a child who requires a guardian, are first discussed with their parents.

Our company provides the following services for guardianship:

  • Advising parents and students before coming to England, discussing all organisational issues
  • 24-hour child support
  • Selecting the tutors and organising individual lessons for a student, if there is a need
  • Protecting the interests of the child at school in case of a conflict
  • Communicating with the school on behalf of parents to monitor student’s marks and approval of the child’s participation in extracurricular activities
  • Visiting the parent-teacher meetings
  • Emergency school attendance if necessary
  • Purchasing tickets, organising the transfers
  • Preparing and translating the student’s academic achievement report in the native language
  • Helping to pay the school fees and additional costs
  • Helping in purchasing school uniforms, training materials
  • Assisting in health issues
  • Maintaining contact with official organisations – the police, hospitals, insurance companies if necessary

We provide full support for the student, from choosing the school, through the application process (including visa application)
to the student’s arrival at the school or college.

With us the complex becomes easy!

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