Good afternoon, dear parents!

Let’s get acquainted, my name is Olga Sedletska, I live and work in London, I have been engaged in education in England and abroad for about 10 years. Thanks to the fact that I live in London, this allows me to constantly maintain a close connection with educational institutions in the UK, regularly visit schools and universities, exhibitions and conferences, follow the latest trends in the field of international education and career abroad.

In recent years, I have worked not only as someone engaged in helping with admissions and organizing programmes for children and adults abroad, but also as a career consultant in the UK. I completed the Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance Development course and received the corresponding qualification from the University of Cambridge Assessment Centre.

I am also an accredited professional who is part of the Single National UK Registry Career Development Institute (CDI), which brings together specialists in the field of career counselling in the UK.\/find-a-professional\/detail\/177644

The course was not only theoretical, although I studied career theories, how to work within the framework of professional counselling with clients who need career guidance, assistance with drawing up a career promotion strategy regardless of the initial position, identifying strengths and weaknesses, correct positioning and career change strategies.

The most important thing I have acquired, is a deeper understanding of the UK labour market, its structure and the necessary accreditations to start working for local and foreign workers, I have learned about the requirements and trends of the labour market, have access to resources that can help people make the right choice when planning their education in the UK and subsequent employment.

Who can I help?

  • Parents and children aged 10-14 years who are thinking about education abroad and want to send a child abroad for the first time to study English. At the consultation, we identify the interests and talents of the child, which indicate the course of their further development, and also select programmes that can unveil them. For some children, we also create a strategy to prepare for secondary school, often this plan is drawn up for several years.
  • Parents and children aged 15-18 years who need help in career guidance and individual advice on finding the most suitable professions, specific areas that will suit the child, taking into account their strengths.

At such consultations, a test for career guidance is carried out according to the British method of positive psychology uncovering the strengths of the personality, the level of English or another foreign language is determined, academic successes for several years are analysed in order to identify the main sectors of a possible career (up to 8) and the directions of training for professional activities in accordance with the data obtained and the bias towards foreign education

I also always give recommendations on how to prepare for admission abroad based on the results obtained, what you need to pay attention to, what subjects you need to tighten, how to strengthen your student profile for admission to educational institutions in the UK and abroad and answer related questions from parents.


How does my career counselling services operate?

Stage 1 – Your Application

Stage 2 – Assessment

Gaining familiarity with and assessing the situation (about 10 minutes), payment for services and preparation of the necessary documents for the consultation, filling out our questionnaires

Stage 3 – Career Guidance Test

Passing a paid test on career guidance (about 20-30 minutes, included in the price) and determining the level of English (about 30 minutes)

Stage 4 – Analysis

Analysing the results obtained, preparation of materials for consultation

Stage 5 – Online Consultation

Using the GotoMeeting platform (about 60 min)

Stage 6 – Our Recommendations

Providing you with a letter containing our recommendations and the results of the career guidance test (the files are in electronic form)


Consultation Terms and Conditions:

  •   In the event that a client is delayed for their online consultation without previously informing the agency, the duration of that consultation will be reduced by the length of the delay. If the delay exceeds more than 45 minutes. the consultation is considered cancelled, and the payment for the consultation will not be refunded.
  •  To postpone the paid consultation, it is necessary to give at least 24 hours’ notice before the appointed date/time, so that a new appointment can be arranged. The only exception will be in a force majeure situation.


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Tatiana, Daria’s mother,

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“We liked the consultation – complete, extensive, there are points that now need to be paid attention to for further admission. Thank you very much Olga for the professional approach.” “Thank you very much, Olga, I am also very glad to meet you. The consultation was amazing. My daughter and I will discuss a lot more, but the impetus has been given, in my opinion, quite powerful and positive. I am already looking at tutors in French and mathematics, looked at your company’s page for professional programs, looking for what retail is.” “Olga, thank you very much. We received answers to all current questions and received more information than we expected. (I think there will be more questions), perhaps we will organise a meeting with you again. It was very helpful and informative, thanks!”

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