travelw-ith-children-baggageHow children can travel abroad without a supervision – Unaccompanied service for children

Unaccompanied children: Little passengers are a big deal

Children travelling alone need special support. Unaccompanied service is available for children from 5-15 years of age. Children 5-11 years of age must use this service, but for children 12-15 years of age, the service is optional. If your child is 5-11 years of age and travelling with a person who is 16 or older, you do not need to book this service.

British Airways has flown generations of solo children around the world, with “flying nannies” looking after under-12s travelling alone. They are in the best hands: service looks after their needs with great sensitivity – at the airport, during the flight and after landing.

Important travel documents and special service form

The bag should hold all the necessary travel documents: valid passport/child’s ID card, visa for the destination country, travel insurance certificate, information on any allergies your child suffers from, receipt for pre-paid charges for the special service, if applicable, declaration of consent from parents/legal guardians that their child may travel unaccompanied, the completed special service form.

Save time by printing out the special service form at home. We recommend three copies: one for you, one to go in your child’s small yellow bag and one for service.
You must accompany your child to the airport, help them check in and drop off baggage. You must present a valid ID at check-in regardless of destination and remain at the airport until the flight has departed.

Your child will receive help from the staff through security control to the gate and on-board the flight. Once on-board, staff will help your child find his or her seat, take care of him or her throughout the flight and help him or her off the plane upon arrival.

On arrival, you cannot meet your child outside the aircraft. Staff will meet your child at the aircraft, take care of any possible baggage and go through customs and passport control. They will then leave the child with the contact person (the adult stated in the handling document). In order to confirm it is the right person, he or she must present a valid photo ID.

Your child will never be without supervision. Unaccompanied service is not accepted if it is unclear prior to departure whether it is possible to land at the arrival airport due to bad weather or other extraordinary circumstances.

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