A diploma is a higher education programme that provides advanced knowledge and practical skills learning in a specific career field. Diploma programmes usually last for one to two years. Community colleges, technical schools and some Canadian universities offer diploma programmes for a diverse range of students. There are a variety of diploma programmes on offer in Canada ranging from arts to tourism.

In animation, the 3D Modelling Animation and Design programme prepares graduates for careers in a variety of CGI based industries. Graduates of the programme will find employment in computer animation studios, game, development companies, post production and special effects studios.

In addition to series of both classical and digital animation courses, the curriculum of Classical and Computer Animation and Production Diploma includes in-depth drawing classes, cartooning and acting for animation, character design, background painting/design, and a sequence of visual languages, storytelling and storyboarding courses. In year 4, students participate in simulated production experience directed by an industry professional.

Diploma programmes in Graphic Design, illustration for Sequential Arts, Digital Filmmaking and Fine Arts are popular among international students seeking admission in arts subjects in Canada. Other streams include aviation, biological and life sciences. Diploma programmes are also available with specializations in accounting, administration,business,business administration, business intelligence, communication, customer Relationship, e-Business, finance, healthcare management, human resources, international Business, international trade, management, marketing, real estate, sales, taxation, cosmetology, energy, engineering and technology, fashion, food and beverage studies, health studies, humanities and social sciences, law and regulations, natural sciences and tourism and hospitality.

After completing a course in Canada you can stay and work for upto 3 years. You can also work part-time during your studies; making it easier to get great work experience, and save money.