With friendly prices at Clubclass, studying abroad is much more affordable!

Studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial things a student can experience. At Clubclass, students get the opportunity to make new lifelong friends from different backgrounds whilst learning English taught by professional teachers.

Course details

The General English course will cover:

– The four basic skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading

– Grammatical accuracy (according to your current level of English)

– A good range in vocabulary (according to your current level of English)

– More accurate pronunciation in English

– Social English skills and useful language techniques

– Learning skills to encourage self-study


Prices start from 160 euro per week!

If you want book a course or find out more about accommodation options,

please contact us!

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Student Testimonials

Olena, 30 years old

DREAM! And dreams do come true! London is one of the cities that are definitely worth to visit! Especially those who have studied, is studying or going to study English. The best way to motivate yourself!

Ilya, 19 years old

I've always been attracted to education in the UK by its prestige and opportunities for a future career. We asked the SBE company to advise the best options for entry into an agricultural college in England. They helped me...

Mother Yulia, the child girl is 14 years old

I would like toappreciate the excellent work of qualified teachers and supervisors at the school. After the Summer School in England I saw daughters desire to continue studying English at home. Interesting excursions...

Serg, 34 years old

I returned from the teaching conference in Liverpool more than a week ago. To tell the truth, I liked it but was still happy to get back HOME!!! The Beatles and their music were the highlights of the trip but the conference itself...

Stanislav, 17 years old

I lived in a British family, and the next day as I arrived I was invited on the family dinner, that was attended by the entire family of about 15 people. It turned out that it is a family tradition, and they always spend Sunday together...

Katya and Mariya, 16 years old

It was our first trip to England. Our adventure began in the airport, where we got lost, but within an hour found a way out. Olga met us, she became our favorite person because she had saved us a hundred times over the next...

Natalia, 16 years old

I decided to continue my education in the UK after I had spent the summer holidays in London. I knew exactly that I liked the approach of British teachers in teaching students, culture and traditions...

Nataliya, 32 years old

Thank you very much! I really liked the program, which was offered by your company. I was studying on the General English program, and for me it was a return back to the students life. During the week days we were...

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