About Conference IATEFL in Liverpool – 8th-12th April 2013

I returned from the teaching conference in Liverpool more than a week ago. To tell the truth, I liked it but was still happy to get back HOME!!!

The Beatles and their music were the highlights of the trip but the conference itself was very good as well. It was quite useful to immerse myself in the atmosphere.

The event was rather big – 2000+ participants from all over the world (as many as 9 of them were from Ukraine) visited over 500 presentations in 5 days, bought tons’ of books at the exhibition and drank thousands of liters of coffee.

I strongly recommend that every teacher of English should visit this event at least once. Just to see what to aspire to and what is happening in the world (it’s soooooo small).

By the way, at the exhibition there was a job market where it was possible to apply for an international teaching position and even have a job interview.

Next year I am planning to attend the conference again (hopefully with my own presentation), so if you care to join me, I’ll be more than happy to meet you and talk to you at the conference in Harrogate (1-5 April, 2014).

And it’s so easy to spot me in the crowd – just look for a cowboy hat (or if there are a few – for the best one).

And the Study British English company, whose kind support got me a UK visa, will help us with all of the trip arrangements.

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