Information about your child

Information about the education

Foreign Languages
Your level (if you know, or for how long have you been learning language)

Secondary Education (High School)

(Dates, the name of the school, any specialisation or chosen subjects)

Average score

Sports Achievement during education

Academic Achievement during education at university

Practice/Work Experience during education
(Dates, position, name of the organisation)

Main duties

Did you study abroad on any course?
(If yes, indicate the length of the training, the name of the courses, the school, and also write if you received any certificates saying what they were awarded for)

Volunteer experience
(Specify the name of the organisation, dates, and what specifically you did)


Additional information that has not been raised in previous questions, but you would like to tell us about it

Education abroad (requested course)

Location preferences, facilities

What subjects do you want to study?

Does your child has particular talents or strengths?

What school would you like to study?

Accommodation type

Does your child have any mental health problems or disabilities?

What is your budget per year?

What do you want to do after graduation?
Can you formulate your career plans for 3-5 years ahead?

Please share any thoughts or specific factors about your ideal school that has not been covered in previous questions

Please send us A copy of the photo page from the passport of child and one of the parent, school certificate or school reports for the current school year with a confirmation of English level if you have it to our email address