3-minHello everyone from Sunny Florida!!!

I’ve been warmly greeted by Miami in every sense!!!

This is where the ICEF Miami 2019, the international exhibition on American and Canadian education takes place. ⠀

More than 300 educational institutions are gathered here, including private schools, universities, colleges!!!

In America, there are a record number of internationally recognized educational institutions, more than 150 universities are included in the world rankings of the top universities. Many people ask why education in the U.S. is
better than in other countries?? Let’s get this straight!! ⠀

The benefits:

  1. You can enter the university immediately after the 11th grade;
  2. The educational structure includes compulsory subjects, and elective subjects to choose from the flexible curriculum;
  3. If your dream is to live in America, the best way to immigrate is through education (I’ll tell you about it another time);
  4. The scientific base of American universities, is one of the strongest in the world;
  5. Availability of scholarships and grants for students.

The drawbacks:

  1. Compared to Europe, training in the U.S. costs considerably more;
  2. The United States is a long way from home.

The exhibition mad it possible to meet with leading educational institutions from the United States and Canada. ⠀

I am glad that there are so many institutions available, many providing scholarships, which we can discuss in our consultations.

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