An language programme for the whole family. Experience an unforgettable educational holiday in Germany. You and your family can combine high quality academic studying with a flexible, fun, programme especially designed for family groups.

Daily organized sports and leisure program

The boarding school’s premises are ideal for the youngest students, as they can run freely on the absolutely secluded and safe campus. The great sports facilities guarantee fun leisure time.

Excursions and more

Apart from physical activities, the staff will also organize creative workshops, game parties and ping-pong tournaments, as well as excursions to picturesque towns and sights in the region; weekend trips will even be to big cities like Cologne, Marburg or Bonn. Parents are of course invited to take part in every activity and in every excursion!

Children can choose following activities: Barbecue, Basketball, Board Games, Climbing, Gymnasium, Handycrafts, Hiking, Horseback riding, Party room, Ping-pong, Playing fields, Soccer, Streetball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, etc.

German lessons for parents

Parents may book a German course as well. Classes will be held separately from the children’s, yet in the same building. This way, they can monitor their child’s progress and see for themselves what it takes to learn German. Excursions and day trips are for everybody. Great fun to have by everyone, parents and children alike. Don’t miss out on the experience of being asked by your child whether you already did your homework for the next day!

Courses for parents differ in content from the regular junior intensive courses. For parents, there is more emphasis on achieving success in daily situations, teaching a German that may be used instantly. Parents may choose between different kinds of accommodation, single or double bed rooms either in the school or in the castle.


The schools for juniors are all located amidst a beautiful landscape, either in very picturesque little villages and towns, or on the periphery of larger cities. This way can guarantee for the absolute safety of the young students.

The students live on the beautiful campus. Boys and girls are accommodated separately in rooms with three to four beds. The rooms have shared facilities. The staff is very careful when matching room mates and try to make sure that they have approximately the same age, a similar German knowledge, and are, if possible, of different native languages, so that they will be encouraged to practice their German with each other.

Junior Courses


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