Often described as a beautiful and peaceful safe haven between lakes and mountains, Switzerland offers fantastic options for sports, making it a fabulous destination for learning English and having fun.

With four national languages and a highly integrated multicultural population, Switzerland has a long tradition in language education. Nestled in central Europe, it is a country that boasts a high quality of life, a very wide choice of sports and entertainment possibilities and breathtaking landscapes, offering unparalleled quality.

With morning classes every weekday, the focus is placed on the active exercise of the language allowing for rapid progress of communication skills. Combined with sports, activity-packed afternoons and entertaining evenings, you are sure to pick up the language fast and make new friends in the process!


  • Learning English at Switzerland offers you a fantastic opportunity to learn the language in an exotic, lakeside or mountain location. The energetic teachers will provide you with the skills needed to advance your knowledge, helping you boost your confidence. Despite the multilingual speaking location, you will find that you have plenty of opportunity to practise your English with fellow international students and staff members.
  • The beautiful parts of Switzerland offer plenty of places to discover; from shopping in the city to fun at a water park; from a boat trip to a leisurely walk on a mountain peak.
  • The gorgeous region around the schools offers you many outdoor activities to take advantage of.
  • It offers comfortable facilities that are perfectly adapted to a summer vacation in the Swiss Alps, including modern classrooms, quality restaurants, a gorgeous, sunny terrace and an indoor swimming pool including relaxation and games areas.
  • Learning English at this bilingual camp allows you to improve your skills, confidence and ability while meeting people from all over the world. With lively lessons and playful exercises, teaching is dynamic and entertaining, providing you with the best tools to approach linguistic challenges.

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Assisting with the student’s enrolment at the school and on the course, and with the visa application


Supervising the student’s arrival for the programme and supporting them while they are studying in the country


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