Education Services in Other Countries

Study British English Company also offer our comprehensive services for students wishing to study outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We have visited schools, colleges and universities across Europe and beyond, inspecting their facilities and accommodation, speaking to staff and sitting in on classes to gauge the quality of teaching being provided.

We are pleased to be able to provide guidance to parents and students to help you to find the right programme and destination for you.

We offer Secondary Education, Higher Education, Languages for Adults or Children (unaccompanied or together), in-home tuition, and specialist languages for business or the professions. You can choose from English, Spanish, French or German in different countries, with courses matched to your level of experience.

For families looking for ideas for the summer holidays, we can offer special packages in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Malta, among others, that provide both education and entertainment for parents and children alike. You can choose from adventure programmes in Rhine castles to water sports in a Spanish Mediterranean resort, with the comfort of knowing that everyone will find something to both entertain and educate them.

Professionals and business executives wanting to learn or improve a foreign language can do so on special courses in the country of choice, giving plenty of opportunity to practise with the locals. If you are looking for work experience as part of your course, we can arrange this as well.

We take care of all the paperwork too. Visas, course applications, flights and transfers, accommodation and excursions can all be handled for you by your expert consultant at Study British English Company.

High quality services for Junior Students from
Study British English Company:
1 We work only with reputable schools abroad, which we visited personally. Our partner schools have high standards of teaching, you can be sure of the quality of the programme for your child.
2 Before arrival we organise an online meeting with the representative of our company who will be in charge for your child during the programme.
3 We can arrange an online introduction to the host parents before your child leaves home, so you will know in advance with whom your child will be living while they are studying.
4 We organize a meeting of children at the airport and supervise their resettlement. We always contact parents and inform you about the arrival and departure of your child, their arrival at the place of residence, as well as all the news during their stay on the programme.
5 Our UK office is open 6 days a week so if you have any questions you can contact us online or by phone at any time.

Please complete the form below and send your requirements.
We will be happy to find the best option for you!

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